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Community Patrol Toolkit (CPT)


This toolkit is meant for interested groups from the community or organisation who would like to conduct litter picking sessions in support of the Keep Singapore Clean Movement. Groups who request for our Toolkit should conduct at least 3 litter picking sessions a year using it. They should also share photos and reflections of their experience with us. To request for the Toolkit, please complete and submit the Community Patrol Toolkit Request Form

Note: The Toolkits have to be self-collected and are subjected to availability.

What is in the toolkit?

  • 10 Tongs
  • 100 Plastic gloves
  • 25 Black Plastic Bags (For Trash) and 25 Blue Plastic Bags (For Recyclables)
  • 100 Wet wipes
  • Pocket guidelines for organising a litter picking session

1 Toolkit is catered for a group of up to 20 pax who are committed to conduct litter picking regularly. Volunteers would have to replenish the disposable contents themselves for future activities.


Share your experience with us!

Your sharings on the litter picking sessions as well as on the Toolkit is valuable to us. We hope to share your stories on our online platforms and e-newsletter and inspire others to be part of the Movement. You could make a change today!

To share your experience, please complete and submit the Share Your Experience form.


OneService App


The Municipal Services Office (MSO) aims to improve the Government’s overall coordination and delivery of municipal services. These services include the upkeep and improvement of the common living environment such as the cleanliness and maintenance of the estates and the upgrading or provision of facilities and infrastructure. Working hand-in-hand with key government agencies, the MSO oversees the review and formulation of policies, systems and processes to ensure efficient and effective delivery of municipal services.

The OneService Mobile App is a convenient way for members of the public to give their feedback on municipal issues, without having to find out which agency is responsible for the issue. This is part of MSO’s citizen-centric initiatives to make it more convenient for the public to obtain municipal services. Features on the OneService Mobile App, such as geo-tagging (i.e. automatic provision of the current location of a feedback) and uploading of photos, will help agencies to deliver municipal services in a timely and efficient manner. 

Where to download?

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