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About Public Hygiene Council

The Public Hygiene Council was formed to encourage greater partnership in support of public hygiene. The Council, comprising representatives from multiple sectors, will help to strengthen and better coordinate these efforts to lead and take ownership in galvanising community and industry efforts to improve the cleanliness and hygiene standards in Singapore. It will also complement government's efforts in maintaining high standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

The Council was officially launched in 2011 to promote good hygiene practices and to improve personal and public hygiene standards in Singapore. The Council also hopes to engage active public discussion on hygiene issues and highlight models of public hygiene excellence.

Vision, Mission & Outcomes

A Singapore where everyone embraces and advocates good personal and public hygiene as a way of life.


  • Establish norms for good personal and public hygiene
  • Identify, propagate and instil best practices
  • Cultivate community ownership and advocacy for good personal and public hygiene

The Council aspires to build strong public ownership and achieve the following outcomes:

  1. Litter-Free Singapore
  2. Clean Public Toilets
  3. Good Personal Hygiene
  4. Tray Return Initiative


PHC logo

The stylised spiral is derived from the concept of a nautilus shell. The unique spiral growth symbolises propagation of good hygiene practices, and the arcs signify the partnership between stakeholders, like interlocking hands, emphasising joint efforts between the Council and the public.


Council Members

Public Hygiene Council Organisation Chart

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