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Keep Clean, Singapore! (KCS)

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Keep Clean, Singapore! (KCS) is an annual month-long ground-up initiative led by the Public Hygiene Council.

Keep Clean, Singapore! 2021

Keep Clean, Singapore! (KCS) 2021 is an annual flagship initiative to raise awareness and encourage everyone to take personal responsibility for the cleanliness of shared public spaces through conducting clean-up activities.

In 2019, more than 450 organisations conducted over 750 litter-picking activities across Singapore in support of KCS. We facilitated 1,200 public beach/park clean-up along East Coast Beach, Changi Beach, Pasir Ris Beach, Sembawang Beach and Bishan AMK Park. Importantly, PHC had planned to implement SG Clean Day in collaboration with all Town Councils in conjunction with KCS launch in 2021.

PHC has engaged agency partners to systematically develop and implement strategic communications campaigns on various platforms, including delivering public messages through mainstream news media.  Please refer to our YouTube channel and follow us on Social Media at #KeepSGClean on Facebook and Instagram for regular updates.

Keep Clean, Singapore! 2021

Virtual Launch Event on Facebook LIVE – Sunday, 25 April 2020, 10am – 12pm

This year’s annual Keep Clean, Singapore! 2021 launch event will take place online on Sunday, 25 April 2021, 10am to 12pm. Be ready for a musical extravaganza at the KCS 2021 Launch Event, featuring all time favourite artistes Liu Ling Ling and Luo Jia-ming. Click here to catch it on Facebook LIVE.


Ms. Grace Fu, Minister for Sustainability and the Environment


Month-Long Community Activation

What better way to show support for a clean Singapore than taking action to keep it clean? We encourage residents/public to conduct small scale litter picking activities at your estates, recreational beaches or parks. The activities should be done in a group of no more than 8 people; and with all Safe Management Measures in place.

Click here to take action for a clean Singapore!

Safe Management Measures:

  1. Keep to maximum of 5 people in a group
  2. In the event that there are more than 5 participants, the organiser shall sectorise the area and allocate one group per sector
  3. Keep a list of participants’ details such as name and contact number
  4. Advise those who are unwell to stay at home
  5. Wear a mask and maintain 1m distance 
  6. Wear gloves
  7. Keep hydrated
  8. No inter-mingling across different groups
  9. No gathering after completion of clean-up
  10. To cease cleaning during wet weather
  11. The organiser shall take responsibility and ensure compliance with all safe distancing measures

Additional Measures for Clean-Ups at Beaches/Parks:

  1. Check-in and check-out SafeEntry at the beach or park
  2. Location to be near Toilet Blocks (hygiene), whenever possible
  3. Wash and sanitise their hands and tools (from CleanPods) before and after the activity.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who will be involved?

Everybody. The Public Hygiene Council has extended invitation to our supporters and partners of the KSC partners (i.e. schools, communities and organisations) to identify a location and lead activities in the month of KCS 2021. Public members are welcomed to organise or participate in any activities to show their support for KCS.

2. Where are the activities held?

Organisers may identify and target any shared community places such as residential estates, schools, parks, hawker centres and etc., to conduct the cleanup activities. 

3. When are the activities held?

Organisers are welcomed to conduct their activities on any day. More details will be available closer to date.

4. What if we are unable to commit any day in KCS month?

Keeping Singapore Clean is a life time commitment and not just a one-day effort. We welcome groups and individuals to initiate their own programmes to encourage and educate good practices at shared community spaces. Through such sustained efforts, communities will take greater ownership to improve the cleanliness and hygiene conditions of these public spaces.

If you have any questions regarding Keep Clean! Singapore, feel free to email us at