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‘Keep Clean, Singapore!’ (KCS) is a month-long annual clean up festival in May.  We've grown from 2013.  More than 250 organisers cleaned up over 400 locations across the island last year.

This year we have a specific message:
"I PHC (Pick up at Home & in Community). Do you?”   

Picking up after ourselves seems obvious.  But it appears we might have forgotten what it means.  Stinky loos, dirty tables, littered parks.  Seen them? Cleaners alone can't keep these spaces clean.  

We invite schools, companies and the public to amplify PHC by doing 2 things:

  1. Conduct clean-up or public-spirited acts such as tidying up tables and clearing up public spaces. 
    Choose from (i) Housing Estate, Home & Office or (ii) Parks & Beaches

  2. Share your activity on both your Facebook and PHC Facebook
    PHC actions speak louder than words.

It is everybody's responsibility to keep Singapore clean.

Make Singapore a great city to live, work and play in!

You are invited for the Launch!

Keep Clean, Singapore! Official Launch 2018
The Public Hygiene Council (PHC) cordially invites you to the official launch of Keep Clean, Singapore! on Sunday, 29 April 2018, in conjunction with Car-Free Sunday @ one-north, co-organised by JTC Corporation and Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA). This will be the inaugural Car-Free Sunday to held outside of the Civic District.
Join us for a fun-filled day with exciting activities lined up, including the PHC Walk to raise awareness and amplify the value of maintaining cleanliness beyond our doorsteps, family fun with life-sized playsets, food and entertainment at Timbre+, and meet and greet opportunities with Singapore Premier League stars.
Our message this year is “I PHC (Pick up at Home & Community). Do you?” We’ve put together a Prescription Kit to PHC. In it you will find tools to remedy our state of cleanliness, whether it’s tidying up tables at hawker centres or clearing up of public places. It includes an upcycled-reusable-portable litterbag to get us started on a litter-free habit to keep our city clean. 
We hope to see you at the launch and to lend your voice towards building a Singapore where everyone picks up after themselves.

Click here to find out more!

Help keep our Homes & Offices clean

Help keep our Parks & Beaches clean


1.   Guidelines

Check out this video: Organising Community Clean-up

2.   Tools and Materials

Here's some materials compiled for your use and to share with your network:

I PHC. Do you? Logo
Great as visual reminder for your activity. This can be made into street signs or posters.

KCS 2018 Poster & Table Stand Poster

General use collateral for publicising KCS.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why PHC (Pick Up at Home & Community)?

Because being considerate and keeping shared spaces clean is a basic code of behaviour.  A dedicated clean up festival gives us a platform to practice this behaviour.

But there is more.  Beyond PHC, the message is to leave things better than found.  This means not littering or putting waste where they should go.  

A clean Singapore is a collective responsibility.  Be the advocate for better behaviour and against littering. 

2. Who will be involved?

Everybody. The Public Hygiene Council has extended invitation to our supporters and partners of the KSC partners (i.e. Schools, Communities and Organisations) to identify a location and lead activities in the month of May 2018. Public members are welcomed to organise or participate in any activities to show their support for ‘Keep Clean, Singapore!’.

3. Where are the activities held?

Organisers will identify and target any shared community places such as residential estates, schools, parks, offices and etc., to conduct the clean-up activities. 

4. When are the activities held?

Organisers are welcomed to conduct their activities on any day in the month of May. More details will be available closer to date.

5. What if we are unable to commit any day in May?

Keeping Singapore Clean is a life time commitment and not just a one-day effort. We welcome groups and individuals to initiate their own programmes to encourage and educate good practices at shared community spaces. Through such sustained efforts, communities will take greater ownership to improve the cleanliness and hygiene conditions of these public spaces’.

If you have any questions regarding 'Keep Clean, Singapore!', please email us at

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