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Frequently Asked Questions

The following guide is prepared to provide guidance to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding the Public Hygiene Council (PHC).

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What is the website about?

Website aims to inspire everyone in Singapore to promote values of picking up after ourselves, throwing waste in bins and leaving our environment in a state we can be proud of, via the Keep Singapore Clean Movement.


How can I volunteer or partner with PHC for the environment?

Currently, we do not have any regular volunteer programmes for individuals. However, you can leave your contact details with us via email. We can notify you of any upcoming available programmes or events, which you can participate in.


How do I organise a clean-up activity?

To empower groups to self-lead their activities, PHC has developed a video for organising a clean-up activity. Your group can refer to the following download links for the resources:

Organising Community Clean-up
Guide to organise a Clean-up activity

Where can I register for beach clean-up activities?

You can register with NEA & PHC to schedule clean-ups at popular locations such as the recreational beaches (Changi Beach, East Coast Beach, Pasir Ris Beach and Sembwang Beach)


Where can I download useful resources?

PHC website provides an array of information, posters, video clips, etc., for public information and use. They are made available for download on this page.

How do I communicate with PHC if I have other queries?

Our contact can be found at footer of every page. 
You can email us at

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