Public Hygiene Council

Keeping Singapore Clean


PHC develops exciting new projects that responsible individuals and organisations can adopt to generate positive change for our environment and community.

As much as possible, we put our ears, hands and feet on the ground to listen to social conversations to generate solutions that meet real needs and in the most relevant and meaningful manner.

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Self-Help Resources


On the yearly average, there are 700 over clean-ups at recreational beaches. With the increased frequency of ad-hoc clean-ups, more tools and materials are purchased by the communities by for activities. These new tools and materials are often under-utilised, with an average of only 1 to 2 hours of utility before being store away or disposed of.

Find out how PHC aims to help create a more sustainable way to support clean-ups with CleanPod.


Instructional Video

First time initiating a clean-up for your community, school or company?
Watch and learn how to organise a clean-up in less than 120 seconds!

Create Cleaner Events


Worrying about how a badly-littered event can tarnish your organisation’s image? How can you get event-goers to pick up after themselves and dispose of waste appropriately? Is your company environmentally and socially responsible? Find out how PHC works with partners and the public to keep events in Singapore clean. 

Educational Material

Keep Singapore Clean Movement in Schools

Keep Singapore Clean Movement in Schools’ educational resource pack incorporates relevant information and educational materials collated from various sources, targeted at Pre-school, Primary and Secondary level. It serves as an essential handbook for the students, parents and teachers.