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Keep Singapore Clean

Every year, the Public Hygiene Council (PHC) holds our flagship initiative, the Keep Singapore Clean (KSC) campaign, to raise awareness on the problem of littering and to nudge Singapore residents to uphold higher standards of hygiene and cleanliness in their everyday lives.


Over the past few years, the PHC has been emphasising our efforts towards engaging students, youths and young families to encourage them to do their part for the environment. Their participation could take various forms, such as always binning trash responsibly, returning our crockery back to the tray return stations after meals, and keeping the school and public toilets clean and dry.


The PHC has engaged agency partners to systematically develop and implement strategic communications campaigns on various platforms, including delivering public messages through mainstream news media.  Please refer to our YouTube channel and follow us on Social Media at @KeepSGClean on TikTok Facebook and Instagram for regular updates.



Month-Long Community Activation

What better way to show support for a clean Singapore than taking action to keep it clean? We encourage residents/public to organise litter-picking activities at your estates, recreational beaches or parks from 28 Apr to 2 Jun 2024. 

Click here to take action for a clean Singapore!

Tips for Clean-Ups:

  1. Choose a location with toilets located nearby, whenever possible
  2. Wash and sanitise their hands and tools (from CleanPods) before and after the activity.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who will be involved?

Everyone. The Public Hygiene Council (PHC) has extended invitation to our supporters and partners of the KSC partners (i.e. schools, businesses, communities and organisations) to identify a location and lead activities in the month of KSC. Public members are welcomed to organise or participate in any activities to show their support for KCS.

2. Where are the activities held?

Organisers may identify and target any shared community places such as residential estates, schools, parks, hawker centres and etc., to conduct the clean-up activities. 

3. When are the activities held?

Organisers are welcomed to conduct their activities on any day between 28 Apr and 2 Jun 2024.


4. What if we are unable to commit any day in KCS month?

Keeping Singapore Clean is a lifetime commitment and not just a one-day effort. We welcome groups and individuals to initiate their own programmes to encourage and educate good practices at shared community spaces. Through such sustained efforts, communities will take greater ownership to improve the cleanliness and hygiene conditions of these public spaces.

If you have any questions regarding Keep Singapore Clean, feel free to email us at