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'Bright Spots'

Being clean and green has long been an important value that Singaporeans take pride in. However, government efforts alone are not sufficient to maintain Singapore’s reputation as a clean city. Communities are invited to initiate and improve the cleanliness and hygiene conditions of their shared spaces and turn them into ‘Bright Spots’.

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What is a 'Bright Spot'?

'Bright Spots' are shared spaces adopted by its stakeholders such as communities, organisations, schools, interests groups and individuals. These groups take ownership of its cleanliness, keep them clean and help to educate and encourage good practices amongst the community.

Where are the 'Bright Spots' around Me?

Find out where the 'Bright Spots' in Singapore are and what the stakeholders are doing there on this interactive map: 
'Bright Spots' Around Singapore


Take your first step to keep Singapore clean

How to join the challenge?


STEP 1: Identify a location and rally stakeholders

You can work with the various stakeholders (such as grassroots organisations, schools, businesses, interest groups, etc.) and help turn a community space into a 'Bright Spot' by taking ownership of its cleanliness together. Check out our interactive map to see where you can start.
Identify a location and rally stakeholders

STEP 2: Plan and carry out your activities

You can look up resources from our website to help kick start your activities (e.g. litter picking, outreach campaign, etc.). Check out our available resources here.

 For Schools, please visit the Schools page for more information.

plan and carry out your activities

STEP 3: Inspire others and share your story

You have the power to inspire others! Share your thoughts and experiences in your journey to keep Singapore clean on our website here.
Click here to find out more about other inspiring accounts.

share your story


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