Public Hygiene Council

Keeping Singapore Clean


Get your litter picking tools from CleanPods.

CleanPod at ECP C1 Door

CleanPod at ECP C1 Sideview

Instead of purchasing new metal tongs and trash bags for your clean-up, just locate the nearest available CleanPod. Unlock and access a fully equipped storage to borrow the items for free. Use the metal tongs for your litter picking, buckets for your litter as well as garden carts for transportation of tools and trash. Clean and return them after you’re done with your activity for the next users. 

It’s as simple as that.

We know litter picking/ clean-up is not the one and only solution to the general cleanliness of our environment. Ideally, we should bin our trash and not generate litter in the first place! However, we’ve learnt that there is a place for sustainable efforts to keep Singapore clean with CleanPod. It is a community based resource, which organisations, schools and communities can rely on to reinforce the value of ownership for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and educational opportunities. In this way, we can all conduct clean-ups in a more convenient, cost-efficient and sustainable manner.

Location of CleanPods:

• Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park – Pond Gardens (beside Allotment Garden)
• Changi Beach Park – Area A
• Coney Island Park (near West Promenade Entrance)
• East Coast Park – Area C1 (behind Parkland Green)
• East Coast Park – Area C4 (behind C4 toilet)
• East Coast Park – Area F2 (beside F2 carpark)
• East Coast Park – Area G
• Jurong Central Park 
• Pasir Ris Park – Area 1
• Pasir Ris Park – Area 4
• Ulu Pandan Park Connector (North Bank)
• Woodlands Waterfront Park (under maintenance)