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'Keep Clean, Singapore!' 2017


As part of the efforts to grow the Keep Singapore Clean (KSC) Movement, one of the Public Hygiene Council's (PHC) key strategy is to empower groups and individuals to take the lead in driving initiatives that promote cleanliness and creating opportunities for people to take action to help keep Singapore clean. It is with this purpose that the PHC initiated 'Operation WE Clean Up!', a yearly litter picking exercise in May to provide a platform for the community to take greater action and reaffirm their commitment towards a litter-free environment, with the vision of a truly clean Singapore through stronger public ownership.

Since the inaugural launch in 2013, this collective movement to keep Singapore clean, spearheaded by the Public Hygiene Council (PHC) and supported by the Singapore Kindness Movement and the National Environment Agency, has grown in scale over the years. Last year, we saw a record of more than 12,000 individuals taking part in litter-picking activities over 190 locations across Singapore on 8 May 2016. 

In 2017, OWCU will be renamed to ‘Keep Clean, Singapore!’ (KCS) to leverage Singapore’s clean image and to sustain our national pride. KCS aims to inculcate greater ownership of the environment, where everyone takes action and leads by example to keep our public spaces clean.

Through the month-long activities, we aim to rally more individuals, schools, institutions and the communities to influence others to Keep Singapore Clean, reinforce the social norm on zero tolerance against littering and to garner support from the community for Keep Singapore Clean Movement. 

Participate as an Organiser!


We invite your support to rally your group to organise a community clean-up on any day in the month of May. To amplify our collective efforts as a Nation, we would encourage all organisers to conduct their clean-up in the first weekend of May. 

We have officially closed the registration for organisers. If you are still keen to support as an organiser, please contact us



1.   Guidelines for Litter Picking

As an Organiser, you can get started by downloading a copy of the guidelines. Organisers, leaders and participants can refer to these guidelines and safety measures.
Watch Tutorial video here: Guide to organise a clean-up activity
Download here: Guidelines for Litter Picking

2.   Tools and Materials (For registered organisers only) 

We strongly encourage participants to re-use any existing resources or household items to carry out clean-up activities. If your group requires, litter picking toolkits will be provided on a first-come-first-serve basis request upon registering with us. Please contact us to arrange for a self-collection for your registered activities.

Items included inside a litter picking toolkit:
Litter picking tongs
Trash bags
Wet wipes
Pocket guidelines for litter picking

3.   Templates for publicity

As a ground-up initiative, organisers are strongly encouraged to design and produce their own publicity materials to rally participants.  To help new supporters to kick start their activities, they may wish to download the following customizable banner templates for producing publicity materials (with PHC logo, photoshop working file) if you need. 

Download here:
Banner Template (Available for download and use)
A2 Poster Template for KCS (Available for download and use) 

4.   Briefing notes for Organisers (important)

 To organise a mass coordinated clean-up efficiently, meaningfully and safely, we need all organisers to spend sufficient time to think, plan and implement their activities carefully. Organisers should download and read the briefing notes to prepare themselves before their activity in May. It includes some background, guidelines for organisers, briefing for participants and reporting format after the activity.
Download here: Organiser Briefing Notes (Updated as at 10 April 2017)

5.   Taiwan Study Trip Documentary

A short documentary called ‘I Care to Clean’ was also produced by the PHC to share the best practices observed in Taiwan. It also aims to issue a call of action to keep Singapore clean and rally the community to turn more shared community spaces into ‘Bright Spots’, where stakeholders take ownership of its cleanliness and lead by example to promote good social norms.

YouTube link:  
Download full version here: 'I Care to Clean'

Clean-up Locations (Updated as at 25 April 2017)


In the map below, you can find the registered activities and their details (Updated as at 25 April 2017)
Joining a clean-up activity
If you or your group is interested to join any of these activities (Open to Public), you may wish to approach or contact the organiser directly for more information.
Green: Public-led activity
Orange: Organisation-led activity
Blue:  School-led activity

If you have difficulty viewing this map on our webpage, click here instead.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why organise clean-up activities?

Clean-up activities can help to create greater awareness of the littering situation in their estate, and allow us to recognise that keeping Singapore clean requires collective responsibility and advocate others not to litter. This would reinforce the social norm on zero tolerance against littering and help garner support from the community for Keep Singapore Clean Movement to take greater ownership of our environment. Participating in a community clean-up also serves as an opportunity for us to show our appreciation to the cleaners who keep our neighbourhoods clean.

2. Who will be involved?

The Public Hygiene Council has extended invitation to our supporters and partners of the KSC partners (i.e. Schools, Communities and Organisations) to identify a location and lead clean-up activities in the month of May 2016. Public members are welcomed to organise or participate in any clean-up activities to show their support for ‘Keep Clean, Singapore!’.

3. Where are the clean-up activities held?

Organisers will identify and target any shared community places such as residential estates, schools, parks, offices and etc., to conduct the clean-up activities. Registered locations will be reflected on the map closer to date.

4. When are the clean-up activities held?

Organisers are welcomed to conduct their clean-ups on any day in the month of May. To amplify our collective efforts as a Nation, we would encourage all to conduct their clean-up in the first weekend of May. More details of each registered activity will be available closer to date.

5. What if we are unable to commit any day in May 2017?

Keeping Singapore Clean is a life time commitment and not just a one-day effort. We welcome groups and individuals to initiate their own programmes to encourage and educate good practices at shared community spaces. Through such sustained efforts, communities will take greater ownership to improve the cleanliness and hygiene conditions of these Bright Spots’.

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