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Operation WE Clean Up!

The Keep Singapore Clean Movement, led by the Public Hygiene Council (PHC), Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) and Keep Singapore Beautiful Movement (KSBM), has organised "Operation WE Clean Up!" with the support of the National Environment Agency (NEA) and Bedok Constituency.

The objectives of this event are:

  • For participants to reflect on the cleanliness of the places they love, and to make a personal commitment to keep them clean
  • To encourage people to join the Keep Singapore Clean Movement by being considerate to others through actions such as binning litter and returning trays after meals
  • To inspire more individuals, schools, organisations and communities to spread kindness for the environment and shape a gracious society

We would like to thank all the participants who came down today and made a personal commitment to keep public spaces clean. To our active partners who showcased exhibits of their Keep Singapore Clean Movement efforts, thank you once again for inspiring others!

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Do help to spread the message and encourage others to pledge to Keep Singapore Clean!

Keep Singapore Clean pledge:

I will be considerate and keep public spaces and toilets clean for the next users;
I will spread the message and encourage everyone to do the right thing;
I will take the lead and keep Singapore Clean.

If you would like to know more about the Keep Singapore Clean Movement, please refer to the following:


Poster Template for OWCU 2016

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Banner Template for OWCU 2016

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Briefing for Organisers (updated as at 12 April 2016)

PDF, 3.65 MB

OWCU 2016 Artwork templates

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EDM/E-poster for OWCU

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[Final] Operation We Clean Up Briefing Notes for Organisers

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Banner Template for OWCU

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About Keep Singapore Clean Movement

PDF, 2.90 MB

Bright Spot Starter Kit

All participants would have received a copy of the Bright Spot Starter Kit CD-ROM - A guide to creating your own Bright Spot. This Kit includes guidelines for organising litter picking activities, environmentally friendly events and runs. Educational materials and videos which could be displayed at your premises or events can also be found in this Kit.
The materials are also available for download from the Community, School and Organisation pages in this website.

Community Patrol Toolkit 

The Community Patrol Toolkit was officially launched at its event. This Toolkit, which is a backpack containing litter picking materials such as tongs, gloves, plastic bags and wet wipes, helps groups to conduct litter picking sessions efficiently. We hope you found the Toolkit useful too. For interested groups from the Community and Organisations, please click here to know more about the Toolkit and submit your requests.

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