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Neighbourhood Toilets Community Group (NTCG)

The Neighbourhood Toilets Community Group (NTCG) aims to inculcate a collective ownership of the cleanliness at public toilets. By bring together key stakeholders, the operators and community volunteers, NTCG seeks to promote a culture of joint responsibility of operators and the community to keep public toilets clean.

Working closely with the premises operators, the community volunteers will monitor the cleanliness of the toilets as well as report whether amenities, such as the flushing systems, dryers, soap dispensers and tissue rolls, are in working condition. They will also actively engage users to remind them of the need to keep the toilets clean. 

The premises owners will also do their part by stepping up on their cleaning regime, to provide a clean toilet for the users. Interested community groups may email us at for more information on the initiative.


Adopt the Four Clean Toilet Actions now!

  1. Flush toilet thoroughly
  2. Keep toilet seats Clean, and do not squat on seated toilet bowls
  3. Bin your trash properly, do not dispose of trash at the urinals
  4. Keep toilet floor Dry, do not flick water onto the floor after washing our hands