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Corporate Action Network (C.A.N.)

The Corporate Action Network (C.A.N.), established by the Public Hygiene Council (PHC), was launched in April 2024. It represents a coalition of corporate organisations and businesses committed to driving corporate-led activities in conjunction with the PHC to support the Keep Singapore Clean movement, and to leading the change towards a clean and healthy environment for all. Members of C.A.N. share the PHC’s vision of working together to create a culture where everyone holds the deeply held value of Keeping Singapore Clean.


Each C.A.N. member shall nominate corporate representatives to attend meetings organised by the PHC. The meetings will serve as a platform for C.A.N. members to network, share best practices, and explore opportunities to collaborate in building a culture of collective responsibility in keeping Singapore clean. The PHC will also provide capability support to C.A.N. members where feasible to facilitate the implementation of ground-up initiatives, develop systems and tools to track and provide a more comprehensive overview of C.A.N.’s nationwide efforts. C.A.N. members are also encouraged to participate in PHC’s ongoing initiatives.


The PHC will publish C.A.N. member initiatives on various media platforms to amplify the Keep Singapore Clean message to the wider community.


Interested corporate entities may sign up for C.A.N. at