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The R.I.S.E. Champions Network is a coalition of organisations that are committed to drive the Keep Singapore Clean Movement. They share the vision of creating a Singapore where everyone has the deeply held value of keeping public spaces clean.

What the R.I.S.E. Champions Network does:

Reach: They reach higher in the quest to keep Singapore clean and sustainable. They reach out to various stakeholders in the community to create awareness, urgency and action. 
Inspire: They inspire by their passion, actions and advocacy. Their desire is to demonstrate that deep change in societal values, attitudes and behaviour is needed if we are to preserve the environment for the generations that follows.
Synergise: They support each other and collaborate, bringing their knowledge, experiences and energies together to progress the Keep Singapore Clean Movement. By aligning their focus, strategies and actions, they amplify and magnify the impact.
Empower: They create the opportunities, provide the impetus and build support structures to enable greater participation and effectiveness.
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Members of the R.I.S.E. Champions Network: