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Public Hygiene Council launches Keep Clean, Singapore! 2018 with inaugural PHC Walk

Apr 29, 2018

Singapore, 29 April 2018
– The Public Hygiene Council (PHC) marked the official launch of Keep Clean, Singapore! 2018 today with the inaugural PHC Walk, a community walking event held in conjunction with Car-Free Sunday @ one-north, co-organised by JTC Corporation and Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA). The launch event was graced by Mr Khaw Boon Wan, Coordinating Minister for Infrastructure and Minister for Transport, and Mr Masagos Zulkifli, Minister for the Environment and Water Resources.


Keep Clean, Singapore! is an annual month-long community clean-up festival spearheaded by PHC in celebration of the Keep Singapore Clean movement. 2018 marks the 50th anniversary of Keep Singapore Clean Campaign, and PHC continues this grassroots initiative by working with partners and the public to advocate the value of maintaining cleanliness beyond our doorsteps.


The message this year, “I PHC (Pick up at Home & Community). Do you?”, plays on the name of the Public Hygiene Council and celebrates social actions beyond litter picking, including efforts such as wiping down after use of public toilets, leaving a clean table for the next diner at public eateries, clearing errant litter, or setting in order strewn bikes around the neighbourhood.


More than 3,500 members from local communities took part in the inaugural PHC Walk to raise awareness on public cleanliness responsibility, led by Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, Mr Masagos Zulkifli. The scenic walk from Biopolis to JTC LaunchPad @ one-north was followed by family fun at a family carnival at Timbre+, with life-sized playsets, stilt walkers, electric unicycle trial, capoeira, food and entertainment (including a live performance), and an exclusive meet and greet opportunity with star players from Singapore Premier League.


The PHC Walk was an important show of solidarity to keep Singapore clean. “I PHC. Do you?” promotes the vision of a Singapore where everyone picks up after themselves, and foster a habit of keeping their community clean.


Through personal actions to Pick up at Home & Community, we also strive towards larger scale community actions such as waste reduction, recycling, upcycling and making better choices for our environment. Participants also pledged their support for climate action through actions such as recycling, using reusable portable trash bags and shopping bags, using public transport, cycling, or walking, among others.


Gracing the event, Mr Masagos Zulfikli, Minister for the Environment and Water Resources said, “We appreciate the Public Hygiene Council’s support in encouraging members of public to do their bit for the environment. We designated 2018 as Year of Climate Action to raise awareness that every action counts. Steps like reducing, reusing and recycling can collectively make a meaningful contribution to climate action.”


The first Car-Free Sunday held outside the Civic District @ one-north was a great initiative that promoted the same values of a cleaner environment in Singapore. The Car-Free Sunday initiative encourages Singaporeans to consider adopting a car-lite lifestyle to reduce carbon emission and increase climate action efforts.


Last year, PHC rallied more than 250 organisers to clean up over 400 locations across Singapore. This year, we hope to engage more than 500 organisers for various clean-up activities in the month of May. To date, PHC has been receiving very positive support from over 192 corporations, schools, and organisations to carry out over 203 clean-up activities across Singapore next month.


We also invite Singaporeans to organise your own clean-up activities in May, and promote your efforts on social media, and on PHC’s Facebook page @KeepSgClean.


Follow us on Instagram @KeepSgClean, and on Facebook @KeepSgClean for latest news and activities for Keep Clean, Singapore! 2018. Click on more information and ways to organise group clean-up activities in and around your neighbourhood, beaches or parks.


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