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Educating movie-goers on graciousness in the cinema

Sep 02, 2019

The Public Hygiene Council (PHC) and Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) released three new cinema etiquette videos (CEVs) that advise movie-goers to silence their mobile devices, avoid talking in the cinema and conscientiously bin their trash after the movie ends. The light-hearted videos aim to raise awareness of these habits and inculcate the social norm of being considerate to other cinema patrons.

The videos will be screened for two years from September 2019 to August 2021 at major cinema operators that include Cathay Cineplexes, FilmGarde Cineplexes, Golden Village Multiplex and Shaw Theatres. Each video is 15 seconds long and show the protagonists engaging in behaviour such as constant messaging on their phone, non-stop talking, and tossing personal items haphazardly. However, when it comes to watching a movie in the cinema, the protagonists stop doing these things so that those around them can have an enjoyable experience. The videos serve as a reminder for movie-goers to be conscious and mindful of their actions in the cinema theatres.

The new videos succeed the previous CEV created by PHC and SKM that featured SKM’s notable duo, Ben & Bang. The previous video was screened from July 2017 to June 2019 and was watched more than 30 million times.

PHC would like to remind movie-goers to be considerate and take personal responsibility to bin their trash once the movie is over, to keep the cinema clean for all. 

SKM Cinema Etiquette Messiest Guy_2    SKM Cinema Etiquette Messiest Guy 1
Reminding movie-goers to bin their trash after the movie ends  
SKM Cinema Etiquette Talented Texter_2    SKM Cinema Etiquette Talented Texter 1
Prompting movie-goers to silence their mobile devices in the cinema 
SKM Cinema Etiquette Fast Talker 2    SKM Cinema Etiquette Fast Talker 1 
Advising movie-goers to avoid talking in the cinema