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Activations by Sustainable Bright Spot Partners

Nov 04, 2019

Two Sustainable Bright Spot partners (Kampong Chai Chee Linear Green RN and Bukit Gombak Goodview Garden RC) have launched the Sustainable Bright Spot programme over the first weekend in November 2019. The Programme is been initiated at these housing estates to encourage residents to embrace the culture of picking up after themselves, and taking strong ownership of the cleanliness of their shared community spaces.

At both events, the Grassroots Advisers encouraged residents to take lead in forming a zero-waste nation by reducing usage of single-use items in their daily lives. The residents are also being reminded to bring bottled water at grassroots events, as bottled water will not be provided as a support and constant reminder towards clean and green events.

Linear Green Mr Lee Yi Shyan  Linear Green Fun Night

Grassroots Adviser, Mr Lee Yi Shyan gracing Linear Green Fun Night on 2 November 2019, which coincided with launch of Sustainable Bright Spot programme

Goodview Garden RC  Goodview Garden Ms Low Yen Ling

Grassroots Adviser, Ms Low Yen Ling sharing the importance of keeping common places clean to the residents at Goodview Garden RC’s Breakfast and Exercise on 3 November 2019