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The unsung heroes in keeping Singapore clean

Mar 02, 2020
The unsung heroes who work diligently behind the scenes to keep our public spaces clean. PHOTO: NATIONAL ENVIRONMENT AGENCY 

Many people who do not bin their own trash think that this justifies the employment of cleaners. It is a very narrow view to think that cleaners will have nothing to do if we bin our trash. Besides sweeping and litter picking, cleaners also perform tasks such as clearing trash bins and de-silting of drains. When we bin our trash at public spaces, we leave the area litter-free for the next person to enjoy.

Singapore has 58,000 cleaners clearing up our mess every day. These unsung heroes work diligently behind the scenes to keep our public spaces clean. Without cleaners, Singapore might not enjoy the reputation of a clean garden city. However, we cannot take it for granted that this is sustainable. Many of our cleaners are not getting any stronger and many are retiring. There might come a day where we will not have enough cleaners and thus no one to rely on.

With the additional precautionary measures put in place to prevent the spread of the COVID-19, cleaners are now cleaning public spaces and other areas the public touch more frequently.

One way to show our appreciation to the cleaners is simply by practising good hygiene habits. Remember to throw your rubbish into bins, and return trays and crockery after eating at hawker centres. We can all play our part to keep Singapore clean and reduce our dependency on cleaners.