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Keep public transport vehicles safe from viruses

Jun 17, 2020


Image credit: Unsplash

On average, 7.69 million trips are made on public transport daily in Singapore.

With the COVID-19 outbreak, Singapore’s public transport vehicles are being regularly cleaned and disinfected. This is especially so for high touch point surfaces like grab poles, seats, overhead handles, windows and more.

However, to travel with peace of mind, commuters must also practise good personal hygiene and be socially responsible. This is critical to prevent the spread of viruses.

Wear a surgical mask if you are unwell. The mask should cover your mouth, nose and chin, with the coloured side facing outwards. Remember to dispose the mask properly in a bin when you are done with it.

Sneeze or cough into a piece of tissue. Then, throw it into a trash can after use. Refrain from spitting or picking at your nose so others are not exposed to your virus-laden fluids.

Good personal hygiene practices apply to taxi and private hire car rides too. Our actions not only impact ourselves, but have a direct impact on the drivers’ well-being.

Sometimes, when I grip the handle to close the car door, I feel a piece of tissue the previous passenger had left there. The innocuous piece of litter could be a reservoir full of viruses and germs, including COVID-19. These can easily spread to subsequent passengers touching the handle.

Avoid touching your face no matter what mode of public transport you use. Wash your hands with soap and water as soon as you can after a ride.

The public transport system is a part of our daily life. We can make our commutes safe and healthy if everyone practises good personal hygiene.

Edward D’Silva

Public Hygiene Council