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Our efforts are stronger when we work together

Oct 01, 2020

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We have seen from the COVID-19 pandemic that the coronavirus does not discriminate. It infects people of all ages, social class, income and housing types and is lethal. Unfortunately, this is exactly the same case when it comes to littering, cleanliness and hygiene. Poor cleanliness and poor hygiene bring a horde of pests and accompanying vector diseases which - are public health hazards. As Singapore has rallied together in our battle against COVID-19, we can similarly unite to eradicate littering in our community and preserve our reputation as a clean city.


(Photo credit: Straits Times)

Everyone plays a part in keeping Singapore clean. Cleanliness begins right from our homes and in school.  Bag and tie up your trash in plastic bags before throwing them into the rubbish chute to avoid rubbish littering the common areas in our housing estates. Likewise, hold on to your trash if you can’t find a bin when you’re out. In a densely packed city like Singapore, it only takes a mere 5-minute walk before one stumbles upon a rubbish bin to throw one’s trash.

With October designated as Keep Clean Singapore month, let us make a  more conscious effort to observe good hygiene habits at home, when we’re out and about, especially so at food courts and hawker centers. Let’s wash our hands regularly to keep viruses at bay, bin our trash and be considerate to our fellow Singaporeans by returning our food trays to designated stations after meals at hawker centres and food courts.

We can all do our part to make Singapore cleaner and more pleasant for our friends neighbors and family. To help encourage more good spirited hygiene behavior, PHC has commissioned a Dance Challenge as part of Keep Clean Singapore month.. Watch the demo video below and take part in the dance competition to win attractive prizes!

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