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Starting the year right

Jan 01, 2021

Throughout the course of 2020, we have seen how important it is to maintain good cleanliness and hygiene for ourselves, in our community and at home. Binning your trash and washing your hands regularly gets rid of germs and bacteria which harms our health. Beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, a soiled and littered environment negatively impacts our health and wellbeing. It breeds a filthy and unhygienic environment that forms perfect breeding grounds for harmful viruses and bacteria that endanger us. People should play their part, start the year on the right footing and live a clean, hygienic and litter-free lifestyle as we progress into 2021.

The announcement of Singapore’s Phase 3 opening in December and the very first arrival of a COVID-19 vaccine to our shores brings good reason for people to cheer and celebrate. But we must never let our guard down nor let our cleanliness and hygiene standards slip. Everyone plays a part in keeping Singapore clean. Cleanliness begins right from our homes and in school. Start the year right by decluttering your home, cleaning and dusting off old shelves and keeping it clean and tidy. Likewise, keep public spaces
clean just as you would at home.

You can play a part in your community by keeping your community clean by picking up litter that you encounter around your neighbourhood or joining a beach clean-up with friends and family with tools from our CleanPods. Alternatively, gather yourselves as a community and form a Sustainable Bright Spot to commit towards high cleanliness and hygiene standards within your estate.

We can all do our part to make Singapore cleaner and more pleasant for our family and friends. Let’s make 2021 a sparkling clean and bright year ahead.

(Image: Unsplash/Mehdi Babousan)