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Spring clean the right way and do not litter

Feb 01, 2021

Spring cleaning is almost like an annual ritual that Singaporeans do prior to Chinese New Year. Out with the old, in with the new. Nothing else is more satisfying than coming home to a clean house, a clean environment and a warm and vibrant home. A clean environment breeds wellness and uplifts
our wellbeing, it has positive impacts on our health and wellness. As we go about our yearly spring cleaning, let’s remain respectful to our neighbours and spare a thought for the town council cleaners too. Discard your refuse only in designated clearing points and don’t litter.

One of the greatest challenges during spring cleaning is getting rid of clutter that we don't need. It’s a good time to get rid of items that are mentally weighing you down and begin fresh with a clean slate. Make it a family affair and get your kids and siblings involved in the uncluttering process too. Outgrown clothes, old newspapers, faulty household appliances and old furniture must all be brought down to the bin centre and not discarded along common corridors and walkways. A good way to accomplish spring cleaning is to sort your belongings into four categories—trash it, give away, store, or put away for future use. Whichever option you choose, remember to always to do the right thing and don’t litter the estate with discarded items. During this festive season we can also help uplift the spirits of our cleaners too. As you bring down your unwanted items to the bin centres, perhaps consider giving the cleaner a nice greeting and word of thanks for their hard work. Kindness goes a long way in our journey towards a truly clean and litter-free Singapore.

(Image: Pexels/Nathan Cowley)