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Make clearing your own table a way of life

Feb 26, 2021

The Public Hygiene Council (PHC) fully supports the Clean Tables Campaign launched by the National Environment Agency on Feb 6.

A national campaign is timely. It will reinforce the work that the PHC has been doing all these years, with institutions and business operators across the public, private and people sectors to persuade and educate the public on cleanliness and good hygiene habits in public places.

Used tissues and food waste left on the table are potential biohazards. These pose a threat to the people who have to clear these up when we leave them behind on the table. Thus, cleaning up one's own table can potentially minimise the risk of infectious diseases spreading.

The cleaners can then focus on their work to clean and disinfect tables, as well as sort and distribute trays and crockery to the stalls.

The PHC also thanks Senior Minister of State for Sustainability and the Environment Amy Khor for explaining so clearly why clearing tables ourselves will not deprive cleaners of their jobs. This is something the PHC has been reiterating in our outreach efforts.

The more important point is this - we need to be ready for the time when this generation of senior citizens retires or passes on, because the next generation will be different.

They will be more educated and less willing to become cleaners in their senior years. Their numbers will dwindle. So we had better get used to cleaning up after ourselves.

PHC will do its part to support the Clean Tables Campaign and hopes that the public will respond by helping to keep the tables clean and free of litter.

Only when the environment is clean and healthy can we enjoy a pleasant and enjoyable dining experience.

Edward D'Silva

Chairman, Public Hygiene Council

Source: ST