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Keeping our environment clean and sustainable during the festive period

Jan 03, 2022

Whether you like to clean or not, you have to admit that there is something magical about making our homes sparkle during this time of the year. 


It may have to do with wanting to start the new year on a clean note by decluttering and discarding away the unwanted stuff. This is also the time for all of us to reflect and ask ourselves if we have taken care of our environment and kept our communal spaces clean as we do for our homes.


Whenever we spring clean our homes, there are bound to be plenty of unwanted stuff that we need to clear away. For sustainability and frugality, it is only sensible that we sort out these unwanted stuffs and repurpose or recycle those that can be.


We can attend upcycling workshops and programmes organised by grassroots organisations and interest groups to learn how to repurpose our unwanted items to give them a new lease of life. A good example is the monthly Repair Kopitiam meet-ups where participants get the opportunity to learn how to fix their electrical appliances and broken household items. 


Things that are still in good condition could also be given away to the many thrift shops that help the less fortunate. This is frugal. And by reducing the number of things we discard,  waste is reduced. This is sustainability, also a way for us to give back to the society.  


It is also not uncommon to see people dumping bulky trash at lift lobbies during this time of the year. What we should be doing is to contact the Town Council to help us dispose of the bulky trash properly. In fact, the Town Councils provide this service for free to all HDB residents once a month. 


When we start the new year on a clean note, we should also take a step back and reflect on our consumption habits. We should take the opportunity to make it our new year resolution to be conscious of our buying habits. 


Let’s keep our environment clean and sustainable from this festive period.