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Clean up and care for our environment

Oct 27, 2022

Singaporeans are now more aware of environmental issues, as more and more of us have started adopting environmentally friendly habits.


Be it practising the 3Rs, or opting for greener shopping choices, these are becoming a common sight of our lifestyle now. While people are starting to care for our environment, it is a pity that not many associate littering as an environmental issue.


Littering is not only an eyesore. It degrades our living environment. Litter tends to attract pests, and pests in turn spread diseases. The infestation of these potential public health hazards is a cause for concern.


A badly littered city is also the perfect breeding ground for viruses. The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us that as a densely populated city, we are especially vulnerable to public health threats. We cannot afford to lower our guard when it comes to public health issues.


What we can do is to be more mindful of our actions, as well as the environmental consequences. While a piece of litter may seem harmless and insignificant, it represents the disregard of the potential public health threats that come with it.


We can also start taking action by making sure that we always bin our trash, and participating in clean-up activities. Cleaning up is also a powerful tool to combat littering. Besides clearing away the trash, clean-ups also serve to educate the public on the detriments of littering.


When volunteers see how much trash is collected after each clean-up, they are often inspired to make litter-free part of their lifestyle and spread the word to others.


Clean-ups also help us empathise with the work of the cleaners better. When we experience the difficulty in clearing trash off our city, we are more likely to make it a point to bin our trash.
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