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Pasir Ris clean-up by Guardians of Mother Earth

How beautiful it is to see 100 Guardians gathering together at Pasir Ris Beach sharing their love for marine wildlife animal friends and Mother Earth on Sunday, 23 July 2017.

We have individuals, families and even a company joining us on at that day. It is a day blessed with good weather, the morning's golden sun light shining down on us as we start the event by registering the participants.

The day started with a short mindful exercise, to get everyone to be aware of the connection between us and the Mother Nature with its beauty. One of the most frequent feedback we received after the event is that people didn’t know that picking up rubbish could be such a happy activity. That's what happens when we act out of love. We don't see it as a chore, we do it because we really care.

"Despite all the hard work like bending and squatting non-stopped to pick up rubbish, digging the sand with tongs, or pulling up plastic bags from the deep sand with bare hands under the hot sun, we are delighted to see that together we can help and contribute to a better living space for all the creatures in the world." said one of the participants.

One of the mothers shared she started joining clean-up campaigns after she saw how badly polluted the rivers and seas in India were. The image of the waterways filled with rubbish left a strong impression on her, and she vowed that she will join any clean-up campaign that is available no matter where she go.

“We probably did not solve the problems immediately. But as each one of us share our love and take action to care for our environment and all living beings on earth - we can make a difference!”

Collectively, we had collected 406kgs of rubbish in one morning.

We are really happy and joyful to know that more and more people do care and have started being a Guardian of Mother Earth in their own way. And it is an honour that we can have them with us on that day to help clean up the environment for the animal friends and Mother Earth.

Thank you from the Guardians of Mother Earth Singapore team!