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Keeping Singapore Clean


Keep SG Clean Comic Strip Competition 2022

In collaboration with the Ministry of Education (MOE) and Playgroup Pte Ltd, the PHC is organising the nation-wide Keep SG Clean Comic Strip Competition to encourage youths to unleash their creativity, imagination and drawing skills to inspire a clean and hygienic Singapore for all to enjoy. 

We cordially invite secondary school students to express themselves and showcase their creativity through imaginative and creative works of art and channeling their skill to promote cleaner habits among Singapore residents. Winning entries may also get the chance to be showcased on the PHC and its partners’ platforms.

Students should create interesting comic strips that encourage and motivate the community to not litter, keep public toilets clean, and return their food tray after meals. Entries should aim to communicate the message through:
(i) Community efforts to reduce health risks and hazards
(ii) Appreciation of our cleaners.

Supermon Characters

 Trayremon Trashemon  Toilemon 

Category 1: Keep Singapore Clean
Category 2: Clean Public Toilets


Prizes (for both categories)
Winner: $1,000 cash
2nd Prize: $700 cash
3rd Prize: $500 cash
Merit Prizes x 2: Certificate of Commendation

Click here to check out the winning entries! 

Judging Criteria

The evaluation panel will judge based on the following criteria.

The judges' decision is final, and no queries will be entertained.

Competition Terms & Conditions

  1. The competition is only open to secondary school students studying in Singapore.
  2. Entries submitted must include a comic strip story that features one or all 3 PHC Supermons and a clear message on personal responsibility to keep Singapore clean (actions taken to have clean public toilets, discourage littering and encourage tray return after meals).
  3. Only entries from individuals will be accepted. Group entries are not eligible.
  4. Each participant is allowed to submit up to a maximum of two sets of comic strips, one per category. Entry must be submitted online - no hard copies will be accepted.
  5. The submitted comic strip(s) must be original and should not be a winning entry in any other competitions. We reserve the right to request proof(s) that an entry is the original property of the participant and submitted solely by the participant for this competition.
  6. The comic strip(s) cannot contain third-party copyright logos or material, and must not violate the rights of any person or entity, including copyright, privacy, or any other intellectual property rights. Upon submitting comic strip(s) to this competition, the participant is solely responsible for any infringement of copyrighted materials.
  7. The comic strip(s) submissions must not contain inappropriate, offensive, discriminatory, sexual, or unlawful materials. Entry(s) deemed inappropriate will be disqualified.
  8. Participants must use A3-sized drawing paper (29.7cm x 42.0cm) or digitally to work on their designs.
  9. Participants are free to use a single or a variety of wet/dry drawing materials combined. Participants may use any two-dimensional materials, such as watercolour, acrylic or oil paint, graphite or coloured ink.
  10. Participants are free to create an original composition based on the theme. They are encouraged to demonstrate competent observational drawing skills and some aspects of imaginative and creativity elements in their entries.
  11. Comic strip entries must not have watermarks, timestamps, date stamps or decorative borders. It should not be framed, no printmaking, or collage artwork.
  12. There is no specific stipulation on the format of the comic strip. Submitted comic strip should not be more than 6 panels.
  13. Submitted comic strip(s) must be saved in jpg/png/pdf high-resolution format and the size of the file should not exceed 3 MB.
  14. Comic strip(s) created in digital format or hand drawing is acceptable as long as the resolution, format and size requirement are met (maximum 3 MB).
  15. The Organiser reserves the rights to disqualify any entries that do not adhere to the above rules.
  16. Failure to comply with any of the conditions stated will be subjected to disqualification.


  1. While all possible care will be taken during the verification of the Finalists' designs, the PHC will assume no responsibility for any loss or damage of the designs before, during and after verification.
  2. The copyright in all works and the ownership of the submitted works remains with the PHC and approval must be sought from the PHC for any use.
  3. By submitting an entry to the Public Hygiene Council (PHC), the Participant agrees to the terms stated above and allows PHC to share his/her personal data within the organisation, to collect and use the data, and to disclose the data to the organisation’s authorised service providers and competition sponsor, for the following purposes:  To contact the award winners and/or participants to discuss any future exhibitions, public events related to their artworks and other art events.
  4. The PHC reserves the rights to disqualify entries that do not adhere to the rules and regulations, and to the works created in the actual event including the liberty to handle the works as it deems fit.

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