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SG Clean Day

The Public Hygiene Council designated 25 April 2021 as the inaugural SG Clean Day in partnership with all 17 Town Councils. Scheduled to be held quarterly, all participating Town Councils will cease sweeping at open areas and ground levels of housing estates for a day with the aim of showing what the amount of litter there will be when we go without cleaners. This also helps us appreciate our cleaners more.

The upcoming SG Clean Day will be held on Sunday, 23 January 2022, and NParks will also be part of this initiative by ceasing cleaning at all parks and gardens for a day. We encourage everyone to take personal responsibility in keeping our estates and parks  clean by binning their trash or organising a clean-up in your neighbourhood. 

To organise a clean-up at our beaches, simply register via this link.
For other parks, please register with NParks here.